CFAM (Women's Cooperative for the Promotion of Handicraft)

CFAM was founded in 1975 by a group of women from Ouagadougou to revalue and promote women's handicrafts.


CFAM is located in the Zogona district of Ouagadougou. The cooperative has two shops, one beside the workshop and the other on the nearest tarmac road.


Today CFAM has 50 members of whom 30 are working in the worshop under the direction of its founder, Angèle Konaté.


The purpose of the cooperative is to fight against poverty by both providing employment to its members and providing them with educational courses. These women, most of whom were trained locally, are specialized in textile crafts: weaving, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, bogolan. Some also make beaded necklaces and woven plastic bracelets.


The CFAM has received several awards, including at the International Art and Craft Fair in Ouagadougou.


To help members and and other women who would like to join the cooperative CFAM needs orders.


Through its website Burkina Framtid wants to help CFAM promote its products.


If you know a shop that might be interested in the handicrafts of CFAM please contact us.